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Declutter Your Diet with Lindsey Wolf | The Michelle Pfile Show

Apr 28, 2021
The Michelle Pfile Show | Declutter Your Diet With Lindsey Wolf

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Meet Lindsey Wolf - CEO of The Nourish Company and Founder of Nourished: The Weight Loss System for Busy Moms.

In this episode, Michelle and Lindsey chat about all things nutrition, mindset and habits.

"Creating consistent habits is not about being perfect. When you miss one or two days, it's about shortening the distance between when you do fall off track and when you get back on."

Get out your notebooks because Lindsey is sharing some amazing tips for creating sustainable and healthy habits and how to break down the barriers of diet culture.



Lindsey Wolf is the CEO of The Nourish Company and the Founder of Nourished: The Weight Loss System for Busy Moms. 

She's a Nutritionist, a Mom of 2 girls under 3, a loving partner, a caring daughter, a loyal friend, and a recipe McGyver amongst so many other things, which like, many moms keeps her on her toes.

Her passion is working with busy, bada$$ moms to help them declutter their diets, ditch the diet culture dogmas, and feel confident and in control of their bodies – no matter what life throws at them!

What she doesn't do is meal plans, structure, or restriction. What she does do, is invite you to do something radically different for yourself.



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