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Healing Old Wounds Through Breathwork with Chelsea Martinick | The Michelle Pfile Show

Mar 09, 2021

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After her 20-year marriage suddenly ended, today’s guest found herself in a position where she needed to become financially self-sustainable. After successfully climbing the corporate ladder and landing herself in a position that seemed too good to be true but still left her feeling unhappy, she shifted.

That is when Chelsea Martinick found Breathwork.

Through Breathwork, Chelsea was able to finally heal old wounds and for the first time in a long time, she felt like she had opened so many doors to her own happiness. Now, she helps other women find their own passion and fulfillment.

Tune in while Michelle and Chelsea discuss how to use Breathwork to find your worthiness, having your needs met, trusting your intuition and just the sheer power of investing in yourself.

And stay tuned while Michelle goes through a Breathwork session with Chelsea during the episode.



Instagram: @hotmesstogoddess_breathwork

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